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Streamline Schematic Design with Spazes

Mood Board Presentations

Design Mood Boards with a few clicks and save time in client back and forth.

Sketch to 3D

You can upload your sketches and get renders in just one click!

Clothing store design

Zero to One

Spazes will help you get your space from idea to finishing. You will be able to get an estimate, a full vendor list and even furniture and fixtures 

Spazes can help you in following - 


Corporate office design


Spazes has the potential to be used for complete designing of your space. You can choose to use our mood board tool or opt for complete design package

Layouts & 3Ds

You can create Layouts and 3Ds with our tool in just a few clicks! Our team will help you further for detailed layouts and 3Ds

Turnkey Projects


We are soon coming up with a complete turn-key package. We will take all your trouble away from you! Spazes will provide you with all the necessary drawings, estimates and vendors

It’s all about a dialogue

A few words from our clients. See client stories for more.

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Maria Goncavales, CFO

Since we got in touch with the Spazes team, all our mood boards come through their platform! Great work.

Michael Soveign

Seven Energy

Using Spazes demo has helped save us time in ideation and the clients have loved all the renders.

Ar. Prashant Sharma

The Story of Spazes

Are you tired of editing your designs again and again because the client didn't feel it's there? So were we!

Spazes was started with the basic idea of saving time, energy and money in the early stages of a project by using AI to create the perfect mood boards for your client. 

Our Clients

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